Intelligent manufacturing information system solution customization service provider
Suzhou Fengyong Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 and located in Suzhou Industrial Park, China. We focuses on customized services for intelligent manufacturing enterprise information system solutions, and is committed to helping enterprises promote intelligent transformation and digital transformation. The company has rich system development and implementation capabilities, as well as multiple software products with independent intellectual property rights.
Intelligent Manufacturing Planning
Provide targeted intelligent manufacturing solutions based on the actual situation of production enterprises
Information management system
ERP, CRM, APS, MES, PLM, OA, etc. can be customized and developed for the personalized needs of enterprises.
Internet of Things system
Connect with the hardware of the Internet of Things in different industries to perform hardware control, data collection, data cleaning, data storage, and data analysis.
Visual modeling and data presentation
Conduct data modeling, intelligent data analysis and early warning for existing data, establish a data warehouse and data mart, and display them through visual models.
Algorithm, component services
According to the actual needs and data of the enterprise, specific requirements are realized through algorithms and modeling, such as prediction, early warning, defect detection, etc.
Other customized systems
Conduct customized development according to the specific needs of the enterprise.