Since its establishment in 1999, Zhenghong has adhered to a communication advertising agency that takes brand building as its own responsibility, and is committed to providing solutions for domestic and foreign customers who firmly believe in brand value. We focus on innovative ideas, gain insight into the essence of communication, reshape the relationship between brands and media, and create value for customers through bold and innovative extraordinary creativity.

We have been adhering to customer loyalty and work adherence, and have been sparing no effort to integrate top talent and communication resources. With constant enthusiasm, we have successfully molded the corporate brand and product image of many domestic and foreign enterprises. Over the past 20 years, the rapid development of the Internet industry has had a significant and far-reaching impact on enterprises. Zhenghong is an important member of the enterprise Internet process, helping enterprises comprehensively improve operational efficiency, achieve digital and intelligent business operations, work with enterprises to address the challenges and pressures of the mobile internet era, and continue to create business value for customers.

Brand positioning, visual establishment, upgrading,
and spatial experience upgrading design Three nodes Help customers achieve strategic breakthroughs in competition
Brand perspective
The right is the best
We aspire to be the most reliable brand design manager for enterprises, A brand design agency that truly enables design to bring profits to the enterprise,To solve the problems encountered in brand operation for you is our existing value and corporate philosophy.